Essie Sugar Daddy vs. Mademoiselle

When taking a break from bright and bold manicures, I always turn to my natural-looking nail polishes – most precisely the sheer pink nudes. Essie Mademoiselle has been my favorite sheer pink polish for years. However, When I found Essie Sugar Daddy, I instantly knew it also belonged to my ever-growing pink nail polish collection.  … Read more

Best Practice Hand For Acrylic Nails

Are you a beginner nail technician eager to hone your trade? Alternatively, are you a DIY enthusiast keen to make the best acrylic nails? Regular practice is the only way to sharpen your skills. You can apply all the modern manicures without much trouble if you practice for a few weeks. Moreover, regular practice allows … Read more

Best Press On Nails For Wide Nail Beds

Press-on nails are a popular alternative to a salon manicure. They’re beautiful, reusable, and cost-effective. Moreover, you can easily wear and remove them without acetone or nail polish remover. But finding the perfect fit is a major challenge, especially if you have wide nail beds. So, we’ve rounded up nine of the best press-on nail … Read more

How To Use Acrylic Powder

Today’s acrylic nails are a game-changer. They leave your nails picture-perfect, allow you to express yourselves creatively, and last about six weeks. On the downside, however, they can be expensive. So, you may be looking for ways to do own acrylic nails. And the starting point to doing acrylic nails should understand acrylics. Acrylic nails … Read more