Best Press On Nails For Wide Nail Beds

Press-on nails are a popular alternative to a salon manicure. They’re beautiful, reusable, and cost-effective. Moreover, you can easily wear and remove them without acetone or nail polish remover.

But finding the perfect fit is a major challenge, especially if you have wide nail beds. So, we’ve rounded up nine of the best press-on nail kits for wide nail beds to make your work easier.

What are the Best Press Ons for Wide Nail Beds?

The best press-on nails for wide beds are;

  1. Kiss Salon Acrylic French Nail Manicure Set
  2. YOKILLY 120 Pcs Natural French Fake Nails
  3. Teenitor Matte Acrylic Short Press-On Nails
  4. HKANLRE Short French Press-On Nails
  5. YOYOEE Nude Press-On Coffin Long Fake Nails
  6. AILLSA Press-On Square Shape Fake Gel Nails

Top 9 Best Press-On Nails for Wide Beds 

Are you ready to go shopping? The best nine press-on nails for wide nail beds in 2023 are as follows;

1. Kiss Salon Acrylic French Nail Manicure Set


  • Feature a 25% thinner cuticle area
  • Highly durable and chip-free
  • Very affordable


  • You only get 28 nail pieces

KISS is a leading beauty products and treatments brand that supplies some of the best press on nails and manicures. So, it’s natural that we have one of their products at the top of our list.

The kit comprises 28 gorgeous medium-length acrylic French press-on nails inspired by custom salon acrylics. Moreover, the nails are durable and long-lasting.

The nails are top of our list for three main reasons. First, they are uniquely designed with a 25% thinner cuticle area for faster adhesion. Moreover, they’re super comfortable, promoting healthy nail beds.

Secondly, the infused acrylic technology makes them chip-free, bubble-free, and super durable. They’re at least 10x stronger than regular press-on nails.

Finally, the nails are affordable, costing well under $10. The medium-length nails feature a softly curved French smile line with a pink nail bed.

2. Yokilly 120 Pieces Natural French Fake Nails


  • Easy to install and remove
  • The reusable nails last up to five days
  • The 6-in-1 kit includes various manicure tools


  • Sorting through 120 nails is exhausting

YOKILLY is another industry heavyweight with multiple product lines and quality services. So, you’re in good company if you choose the brand. Specifically, we recommend their natural French fake nails.

First, this nail kit contains 120 nail pieces. That’s enough for a few months. Also, the package comprises 12 different nail sizes, from small (0.27 inches) to extra-large (0.57 inches). That way, it’s very unlikely that you’ll miss your size. The best part is that the nails are very easy to install.

YOKILLY includes most of the tools necessary to install the nails. For instance, the package includes a mini nail file, a manicure stick, and a double-sided glue sticker.

To install the nails, clean and file the natural nails, apply cuticle stickers, set the fake nail in place, and press it gently for five seconds. The removal process is just as easy. Soak your fingers in warm water for two minutes. Then push them gently using a cuticle stick. 

3. Teenitor Matte Acrylic Short Press-On Nails


  • The set includes 288 nails.
  • It comprises solid colors, glitter, and french nails
  • The press-on nails last up to two weeks


  • You’ll likely throw away dozens of smaller pieces

“Large” nail kits are sometimes too large or not large enough, further frustrating customers shopping for press-on nails for wide beds. Savvy manufacturers and brands solve this problem by providing large kits with hundreds of pieces. That way, it’s difficult to miss your size.

One brand that does it perfectly is Teenitor. It packs hundreds of fake nails in the kit, assorted by size. So, your job is to compare the sizes until you find the perfect fit. This specific package contains 288 matte acrylic glue-on nails to suit everyone. 

There are 12 sets, seven mate solid colors, four glitter nails, and one French. More importantly, each grid contains 24 nails in 12 sizes. This means you receive a pair of nails for every size between #0 and #11. Moreover, the #0s are larger than usual for extra-wide nail beds.

The matte finish is gorgeous, and the glitter nails are holographic. We also love that you can trim and file the nails like real nails. They last 1-2 weeks with good maintenance.

4. HKANLRE Short French Press-On Nails 


  • They are gorgeous French nails
  • Made from durable ABS plastic
  • The kit includes a rubbing strip


  • The package only has 24 pieces of nails

French nails are popular because they feel natural, especially shorter or medium-length pieces. So, here’s another kit with two dozen French press-on nails to beautify wider nail beds.

The plastic nails are made from ABS for durability and chip resistance. Also, ABS is resistant to oxidation. Moreover, they have no odor and don’t hurt. They’re also non-toxic.

The short square nails come in 12 different sizes to fit everyone. But you’ll love the nude color even more. It makes genuine-looking nails you can wear anywhere, from parties to the office. Besides the nails, the kit contains a rubbing strip and 36 jelly gels.

Press the nails and hold them down for 30 seconds to adhere strongly. Then shape and trim as desired. Also, remember to wash the nails and apply nail polish regularly to keep them shiny and attractive.

5. YoYoee Nude Press-On Coffin Long Fake Nails


  • The nude nails are so natural
  • The coffin shapes fit special events 
  • The package includes jelly glue


  • Coffin nails are high-maintenance

Here’s another set of 24 beautiful ABS plastic nails if you loved the previous ones. Again, ABS is perfect for fake nails because it’s strong and durable. Additionally, ABS resists fading and chipping.

The kit includes 12 sizes, from #0 to #11. Each nail has a removable frustration tip. Trim the tips to the desired size, then polish them for the best look. The static nails are ideal for dinners, birthdays, Halloween, and Christmas parties. But you can wear them for a few days without any problems.

The nails are easy to install and remove. First, rub the pieces with a nail stick (included) to remove the surface cuticles. Then rinse and dry them.

After that, match the false to real nails, apply jelly glue on the inside of the false nail, and attach it to the nail plate. Always press the nail for 30 seconds for a secure attachment.

Meanwhile, to remove the nails, soak them in warm water for two minutes and gently peel them off. They are reusable. So, don’t throw them away after the first use.

6. AILLSA Press-On Nails Short Square Shape Fake Nails (Gel)


  • They’re stunning, lightweight gel press-on nails
  • The kit includes adhesive tabs and bonding glue
  • Lasts up to four weeks


  • They’re a tad expensive

If you prefer something other than acrylic and plastic nails, here’s a set of high-quality gel press-on nails to consider for your next manicure. The natural, glossy short nails are made from quality jelly gel polish for a professional look. What’s more, you don’t need a nail strengthener top coat.

They are ultra-thin nails with slim edges and even thinner cuticle areas. Thus they blend seamlessly into the natural nail without looking chunky. Also, they’re extremely lightweight for a natural feel. Yet, they’re strong and durable. Indeed, they’re chip and wear-resistant.

The package comprises 30 glue-on nails spanning 15 sizes. So, you’re certain to find perfect fits for your wide nail beds. Moreover, you get everything needed for the application, including glue, a nail file, a prep pad, and a cuticle stick.

Use the included adhesive tabs to apply the stick-on nails within minutes for a last-minute manicure. Alternatively, use glue for a more durable, longer-lasting manicure. The glue-bonded pieces last up to four weeks.

7. BTArtBox Neutral Square Fake Nail with Nail Glue


  • It’s a set of beautiful soft gel nails
  • Lightweight but strong and durable
  • A protective builder gel top coat increases durability


  • The kit includes 20 nails only

Here’s another set of gel press-on nails if you’re excited about gels. They’re short nails, though slightly longer than the AILLSA nails above.

Also, they are hot-coffee colored. More importantly, the color and patterns are made using gel polish instead of printing ink, giving you salon-grade nails at a fraction of the cost.

The quality is obvious when you touch them. The super-flexible nails are soft and silky. Also, they’re lightweight. Thus they put minimal pressure on the real nails. Above all, they feature a protective builder gel finish for extra durability. So, washing dishes or clothes doesn’t ruin the nails.

Use adhesive tabs for quick installation when attending an important event and glue for increased durability. The glue-bonded press-on nails last 14 days or longer.

You get 20 nail pieces in 15 different sizes. In addition, the kit includes everything you need for the installation process. These include nail glue, adhesive tabs, a cuticle stick, a double-sided nail file, and a prep pad. A storage box is included too.

8. Fundameii 288 Pcs Press-On Nail Kit (Medium Length)


  • The kit has 288 nails
  • You get 24 nail sets in 12 different colors
  • A 10g half-filled nail glue bottle is included


  • Sorting through 288 nails is a chore

We’ve focused on short nails because they fit wider nail beds better. But who says you cannot rock slightly longer nails? They are more difficult to pull off. But you can do it with a bit of skill.

If interested, this kit comprising 288 medium-length nail pieces from FUNDAMEII is one of the best choices. 

The fake nails are packed in a tiny transparent plastic box with 12 grids. Each grid has a different color and comprises 24 nails in 10 sizes. The colors include green, pink, plum, orange, reddish, and brown. Nude and black colors are available too. Each piece is numbered for easy assortment. 

They are ABS plastic nails for extra strength and durability. However, the bottoms are flexible enough to fit the natural nail without hurting the edges. Also, the tips are voided to prevent folding.

9. KOLIYN Acrylic Long Press-On Nails European and American


  • Stunningly beautiful nail design
  • Lightweight but strong and durable
  • The package includes a nail file and cuticle stick


  • The kit has 20 nails only

Now that we’ve listed several short and medium-length nails, it’s only fair to list at least one set of long nails.

Again, wearing long nails on wide beds is never the best idea because achieving the desired slimming effect is difficult. But some manufacturers provide practical long press-on nails that look exceptional on wide beds. This kit from KOLIYN is the perfect example.

You only get 24 pieces for slightly under $10. But it’s well worth it. They’re stunning ABS nails with white patterns and gold boundaries. Also, the long stiletto nails are beautiful, strong, and lightweight.

The package includes the nail glue and adhesive stickers necessary to attach the false nails. Liquid glue lasts longer, often up to two weeks. But adhesive tabs are easier to install and remove. Other goodies in the nail kit include a nail file and a small wooden stick.

Are there Press-On Nails for Wide Beds? 

Yes. Several nail brands and manufacturers made larger nails targeting wider beds. For instance, KISS Cosmetics makes large and extra-large glue-on nails for wide nail beds.

But not all manufacturers do. Instead, most sell kits with hundreds of nails assorted into various size categories, from small to large and extra large, so that everyone can find their size. 

Press-On Nails Not Wide Enough, What Do I Do?

We’ve all been there. You may have ordered a set of glue-on nails online, believing they are the perfect fit. But you later discover the nails are too small or too big. What do you do?

The following are four possible solutions if your stick-on nails are not wide enough.

Glue them and Conceal the Edges

The best solution is to hold down the nails with glue. This prevents them from sliding and falling off. The only problem is that narrow static nails leave visible spaces at the sidewalls.

Fix the issue by centering the static nail on the natural nail bed and using solid gel glue to conceal the edges. It’s very thick glue and strong too.

Use Nail Wraps

Nail wraps are thin strips of flexible material that go on the natural nail plate to create a base for glue-on nails. We prefer silk wraps because they’re strong and durable.

Also, silk wraps are easy to remove. Above all, the right wraps allow wearing narrow or wider glue-on nails without anyone noticing.

Cut and File Larger Press-On Nails

Most press-on nail kits contain 100+ pieces so everyone can find the perfect fit. But you may miss your size anyway.

If so, consider the next large size, cut it, and file it down to suit the targeted nail. But be careful not to remove too much material or weaken the nail.

Consider Custom Press-on Nails

If all else fails, ordering custom press-on nails is the best solution. It’s slightly more expensive than getting a universal kit online. But you’re guaranteed fitting press-on pieces for all your nails.

Measure the diameters of your natural nails and record them. Then send the list to your supplier.

What Nails Look Best on Wide Beds? 

One of the most important rules in the manicure industry is to draw attention away from the widest part of the nail. Instead, draw eyeballs to narrower parts. 

The same logic applies when choosing glue-on nails for wider nail beds. Choose those which elongate the nails, making them look slender and the nail bed narrower.

Thus, round, oval, and almond nails are the best for wide nail beds. They lengthen the nails while making the nail bed appear thinner. Squoval nails are another wonderful option, as they have a slimming effect.

But stay away from any pointed or square shape. Also, it’s best to keep short or medium-length nails while avoiding long ones.

Are Kiss Nails Good for Wide Nails?

Yes, KISS nails make exceptional glue-on nails for wide beds. For instance., KISS Impress nails are a new wider design developed specifically for wider beds. They feature PureFit Technology, making them surprisingly slim and comfortable on wide nail beds.

Impress nails also boast the patented SuperHold adhesive technology, sticking securely for at least seven days. The chip-proof, smudge-proof, and waterproof nails dry in no time.

Other Factors to Consider When Choosing Press-On Nails for Large Nail Beds 

If you’re convinced and ready to apply press-on nails, the following considerations should help you pick the best kit.

Size (Length and Width)

By now, you know that press-on nails vary in size, specifically length and width. The three main length categories are short, medium, and long, though you can order extra-long ones too. Meanwhile, the three main width sizes are narrow, medium, and wide.

Find a fitting size for easy installation and strong adhesion. Also, the size directly impacts aesthetics.

Style Preferences

There are at least a dozen press-on nail styles. These include round, oval, square, coffin, stilettos, and squoval nails. Pick a style that matches your needs.

For instance, short round nails are perfect for a natural, low-profile look. They’re also low maintenance. Meanwhile, stiletto and Ballerina nails are pointed pieces requiring regular shaping and filing.

Ease of Installation and Removal

The majority of kits include double-sided tape that peels to stick the nail to the bed. However, others require glue to stick strongly.

A key advantage of tape is the ease of removal. Soaking the nails in warm water for 30 seconds loosens the tape for easy removal. Meanwhile, you may need acetone or acetone-based nail polish remover for glued nails. Fortunately, some nail sets include a removal kit.


The first thing to consider under extras is how many nails are in the kit. More nails, ideally 24+, give you more options. For instance, some kits contain 200+ pieces in various sizes to fit every nail type.

Besides the number of false nails, consider whether the kit includes application tools and materials. For instance, does it have nail stickers or glue? What about nail polish? Common tools in a nail kit include a manicure stick, a nail clipper, a file, and nail art.

How do you Apply Press-On Nails? 

It’s easy to apply a press-on mani without visiting the nail salon. You only need stickers, nail glue (or super glue), and prep tools. Then you can begin;

  1. Trim your real nails and shape them using a file.
  2. Clean the nails with water and soap to remove dirt and oils.
  3. Dehydrate the nails with isopropyl alcohol or 90% rubbing alcohol.
  4. Find a matching press-on nail for each finger and label them appropriately.
  5. Use a nail file (or e-file) to shape each nail to fit neatly on the matching bed.
  6. Cover nail #1 with glue or an adhesive tab. Press the tab gently to stick securely.
  7. Align the false nail along nail #1’s cuticle line.
  8. Press it for 2-3 seconds to adhere.
  9. Remove the excess glue with a cuticle stick immediately.
  10. Repeat steps #6 to #9 for the remaining nails, working one nail at a time.

How can I Make my Nail Beds Thinner? 

Unfortunately, you cannot “make” larger nail beds thinner. But you can make them “appear” narrower. The following are three ways how;

  • Grow out the nail: Longer nails appear thinner than shorter ones. But don’t stop there. File the free edge narrower to give the impression of a slimmer nail bed.
  • Push back the cuticles: Pushing back the cuticles may not add much to the nail bed length. But where every decimal counts, a few millimeters make a lot of difference.
  • Leave a tiny strip on each side when applying the manicure: For instance, use a slightly narrower press-on nail, centering it in a way that leaves a tiny strip on each side.


Shopping for press-on nails for large nail beds is challenging as most brands and manufacturers focus on medium and small sizes. But you can still find beautiful nail kits for your wide beds. Hopefully, you find a great match from this list. If not, consider custom press-on nails.

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