Can I Go Back To Nail Salon If Not Satisfied?

The main point of getting a professional manicure is to feel joy when you look at it. Unfortunately, that may not always happen. And you may end up feeling disappointed during or after your appointment.

But can you return to the salon if you are unsatisfied? You can return or book an appointment and ask for a satisfying service. And here’s how to go about it.

Can I go Back to the Nail Salon if I’m not Satisfied? 

It’s normal to expect quality when you walk into that appointment. Sometimes, customers have a clear picture of the service they’d like.

But unfortunately, sometimes, it always ends up differently than expected. And what we’ve found most people do is walk out of the salon somewhat dissatisfied, especially for a pedicure.

They’ll be thinking, ‘no one can see my feet.’ Others will call the service providers after the appointment and complain of low satisfaction. While these strategies are okay, they are not always the best.

We always recommend a client go back to the salon if dissatisfied. But not for issues such as loss of personal items. You’ll find that salons have disclaimers that they’ll not be liable for losing personal items.

Aside from that, all salons know the hope of every paying client-top notch service. And they don’t want you to give bad reviews to other clients. So, they’ll do everything possible to cure the dissatisfaction at their cost.

Some salons will give a free redo and another technician. Others may agree to refund the client money if the reasons for requesting are reasonable.

So, you can always go back to the salon. And resist the temptation of asking other clients about a different technician before you exhaust the option of going to the premises where you had your nails done initially.

How should I Let my Nail Tech Know if I’m not Satisfied?

We’ve talked about going back to the salon if dissatisfied. But once you get to the salon (or for the courageous ones, before you leave), you’ll need to let the technician know you are unhappy.

How should you do that? Well, we always believe that how you communicate is everything. It can distinguish between getting a perfect polish redo and hating manicures for the rest of your life.

And we want to avoid the latter happening. So, here are some tips we’ve found work best. We always recommend that customers bring up any concerns before the technician is done with their nails.

Don’t wait until the manicurist slaves for one hour to bring up an issue that happened at the beginning of the appointment. Or until your next appointment to request a nail fix.

It will stress out the manicurist, and they may not be able to do a good job. You should also avoid being rude. The attendant is a person and is prone to feelings.

No matter how disappointed you are, remain calm and polite. Communicate your expectations and make the technician understand how their work did not meet them.

After How Long should I go Back to the Nail Salon if I’m Dissatisfied? 

Clients have a right to go back if dissatisfied with the services. But how long should the customer return to the salon if dissatisfied? A month? A week? Immediately?

The best time to speak out about your dissatisfaction with services is when the manicurist works on your nails. But sometimes, this isn’t possible.

We recommend going back in person to have your nails fixed immediately or within seven days after the initial service. This allows the technician to assess service mistakes without bias.

For example, the technician won’t start thinking you’ve been rough with your nails, and you’re feigning dissatisfaction as an excuse for your carelessness.

And in the end, they’ll fix it without qualms. If you cannot go back, ensure you call the salon immediately and communicate your concerns. This way, you can work through a suitable solution, and the salon will not refuse service when you visit later.

Signs you Got a Bad Manicure

Truthfully, it’d be unfair to return to a salon two weeks after services and claim dissatisfaction. But it happens. And the all-time excuse? ‘I didn’t know I got a bad mani-job’ So, what are the signs you are getting/got bad services?

Improper nail prep- A good nail prep routine is vital for flawless service. And it starts with a thorough cleaning of the nails. You may be in for bad services if your manicurist only performs a quick wipe down with acetone and perhaps nail polish remover.

A quick wipe-down won’t completely remove dirt and oil residue on the nails. And this will prevent the fake nails from adhering well to the natural ones. The result? Broken nails or ones that chip often.

Cut cuticles- Is your manicurist cutting or pulling out your cuticles? If yes, this is a sign that you are getting bad service. Cuticles prevent bacteria from getting into the nail and causing infections. So, their removal will leave you unprotected. Instead, a good process should only involve pushing back the cuticles.

No base coat, no top coat- You get bad service if your nail tech doesn’t use a base coat before and a top coat after polish. The base coat ensures the nail polish adheres to your nail. And without it, you’re likely to have popped and chipped off nails within no time- a sign of a bad mani-job.

Not to mention that the base coat ensures healthier nails. Similarly, the top coat will give your polish more staying power. It won’t chip off as fast, and you’ll have a longer-lasting mani.

How can I Tell if my Nail Tech is Good?

A bad nail job-whether a mani or a pedicure will annoy the client to the core. So, you’d better get a good nail artist. But how can you tell a nail tech is good?

Truthfully, there are many ways the client can tell, but here are our top two. Your nail technician is good if they sit the client down before the nail job for a brief consultation.

They’ll ask about expectations (shape, design, etc.) and your job. They’ll then give the client a brief of what to expect. Such nail techs want to reduce the gap between expectations and reality, which is good.

You’ll also know good nail techs if they do a quick and skin-around nail survey before starting the process. They are probably checking for any nail conditions. And if they notice anything, they’ll take extra care when doing your nails. Or tell you how to treat it.

Can I Paint Over my Nails if I don’t Like Them? 

You’ve got your gel nails (for example) done and don’t like them. Of course, you could set an appointment to remove them.

But you don’t have time to set a gel nail redo appointment. Not to mention the cost. What can you do? Can you paint over the acrylic, gel, or artificial nails if you don’t like them?

Yes, you can! The problem is that painting on top of your gel polish can mess up the aesthetics of your artificial nails.

We’ve seen instances where the layers on top looked quite thick and bulky. And it wasn’t a pleasant scene. You’ll also feel strange with bulky gel polish layers, which can put pressure on your natural nail underneath. So, if you paint on top, ensure the layers are light.

And note that your mani will not be as neat as you hope it looks with fresh polish. Since you paint directly over the existing polish, you may fail to paint right on the edges.

And the color underneath the new layer of paint will show around the corners, leaving you with a messy ending.

The bottom line is you can paint over acrylic or gel nails if you don’t like them. But your first option should be getting a new manicure.

Can I Get a Refund if not Satisfied with the Nail Service?

The question of refunds is a tricky situation. But why? Because not all salons are created equal. So, whether you can get a refund if you are unsatisfied with the nail service during your appointment will depend on the salon.

If you want one, we always advise you to communicate promptly with the salon. Ensure you justify the reasons for it.

This is because the salon is in business. And they want to maintain income and clientele. So, they’ll do everything they can to ensure you are happy.

It’s still important to note that most salons rarely give refunds. Clients are advised to communicate any dissatisfaction they may have before they leave the salon door.

This gives the nail technician ample time to correct the mistake. If a client returns later to such salons, they’ll get a free redo or refill.

But they’ll have to ensure that no nail damage happens outside the salon due to their lack of care. If there was, the salon can refuse service or deny you a refund.

And please note salons don’t guarantee regular polish services. So, you won’t be getting refunds for these.

What should I do if My Nail tech won’t Accept my Dissatisfaction? 

The end goal is always a killer manicure. And I bet you’d do everything in your power to get it. Including letting your nail tech know you don’t like the manicure politely. But what happens if nail tech won’t accept your dissatisfaction?

Manicurists can be pretty good with words. And they may try to convince clients of their dissatisfaction. But you’ve got to stand your ground and speak about the dissatisfaction.

Here’s how to go about it. Chances are the nail tech is an employee in that salon you visited. And there’s most likely a superior.

We recommend asking to speak to a superior such as the salon manager. Communicate your concerns and let the manager understand what your expectations were. Ask the manager about the available options.

Pro-Tip: Avoid paying if the tech won’t accept your dissatisfaction. Only pay when you’ve reached an agreement or the issue is resolved.


So, there it is-you can go back to the nail salon if you are unhappy. After all, you used hard-earned money to pay for a service and had your expectations, but they were unmet. But always be careful about how you communicate your dissatisfaction.

Avoid being rude and remain reasonable at all times. That way, you’ll have a seamless nail service experience!

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