Can You Bowl With Acrylic Nails or Long Nails?

The grip plays an important part in throwing a bowling ball correctly. Professional bowlers always emphasize your fingers fitting into the three holes of the ball to avoid throwing it off the course.

But what if you have acrylic nails or long nails? Can you bowl with acrylic nails or long nails?

Fortunately, you can successfully throw a bowling ball with fake long nails. But, the only problem you have to circumvent is fitting your fingers into confined holes and breaking the nails while bowling. You must find ways to grip the ball before throwing it while protecting your beautiful fake nails.

Can you Bowl With Acrylic Nails or Long Nails?

Yes, you can bowl with acrylic nails if they are short enough. But check with the bowling alley the length of nails they permit on the lanes. You can preserve your nails during playtime, but fitting your nails into the confined finger holes is a common problem that most beginner bowlers with acrylic nails face.

If your acrylic nails meet the acceptable length, they will not interfere with your game. Instead, it helps improve your grip on the ball. But, if they are too long, they may break when you try to fit them into the bowling ball holes.

Wear the right-sized bowling gloves to protect your nails from chipping and cracking. Additionally, you must practice carefully and frequently to get used to the feel of the ball on your nails. With consistent practice and dedication, your skills will improve. You’ll also maintain the integrity of your long acrylic nails by learning how to avoid risking damage.

After mastering the best method for fitting finger holes in a bowling ball, learn and improve on gripping and throwing the ball with long fingernails. Start with picking the right bowling ball weight and technique for throwing the bowling ball correctly.

When choosing a bowling ball, you can sometimes feel intimidated by all the colors and sizes of balls you see on the rack. But the general rule of thumb is to pick a ball that is ten percent of your body weight.

For instance, if you are a 100-pound woman, go for a ball of 10 pounds. And if you are 200 pounds, choose a 20-pound ball, and so on. However, you can choose a lighter ball for health issues like heart and limb conditions.

I’ll walk you through some of the bowling techniques you can try if you have acrylic nails later. But the most important thing to remember is to use the correct form to avoid stress on your beautiful nails. Since the size of the ball also affects your bowling form, opt for a ball with wider holes. It adds comfort during playtime by allowing you more space around the fingernails.

Problems you May Encounter while Bowling with Acrylic or Long Nails? 

If you have acrylic or long nails, the chances of them cracking or breaking while throwing a bowling ball is higher. In addition, you might encounter a few bumps while trying to bowl correctly and precisely.

Here are some of the usual issues you might encounter: 

Cracking or Chipping of Nails

Broken nails in bowling are all too frequent and just as painful, unattractive, and bothersome. The cracking or chipping of nails is often caused by several factors, from incorrect hand position to too much pressure when throwing the ball. Although they will grow out eventually, it’s still a huge hassle you may want to avoid.

Chaffing of Nails

It’s essential to take care when handling a bowling ball. Due to the weight of these balls, improper posture or grip can result in chaffing and marks on your long nails, ruining your gorgeous manicure.

Sticking of Nails in the Finger Holes

Ensure that bowling balls have a big enough finger hole for your fingertips. Trying to insert your fingernails into a tiny hole may damage your nail polish and cause them to break off during playtime. Also, look for balls with large finger holes to protect yourself from potential injury.

Slipping of the Ball

When participating in a bowling game, your attention will be divided between getting your scores and preventing your nails from breaking. Unfortunately, this can cause a significant decrease in your playing ability as well as poor form, which directly influences how many pins you’ll knock down per round.

If you’re an avid bowler who regularly competes, using nails instead of bare hands could result in lower scores – making it highly disadvantageous for any serious player.

Damage to the Skin

Bowling with long fake nails can be risky and cause irreparable damage to your skin. If not taken care of properly, broken nail pieces might stab through your skin – resulting in blood loss. To stay safe, ensure adequate protection for your nails while playing this sport.

Bowling Techniques with Acrylic Nails or Long Nails

Here are the techniques to help you get a full score and put everyone else to shame the next time you go bowling with acrylic nails.

1. Granny Style

Although it may look silly, there’s no better way to keep your fingernails safe while having loads of fun at the bowling alley than the granny-style technique. After all, who cares how you bowl as long as you can roll those strikes and spares?

With the granny-style bowling technique, you don’t have to worry about damaging your nails since you do not touch the ball with your fingertips. No special tape or nail protectors are necessary, either. All that’s required is a bit of practice for mastery.

To begin with granny style, firmly grasp the bowling ball in both hands and angle yourself at the foul line. To achieve this particular throwing style, you must spread your legs wide while bending down into a squatting position. 

While in that position, generate momentum by swinging the heavyweight back and forth until it reaches optimal speed. Then, release it forward from below in an arc toward the pins at the lane’s end for maximum impact.

2. Fingertip Release Technique

Releasing the bowling ball with a fingertip grip is essential for gaining more revolutions on the ball. It’s widely known that this smooth release provides accuracy and keeps your nails safe. 

Here are some tips on how you can use a fingertip grip to improve your bowling game:

Gently slide your dominant thumb into the thumb hole until it is completely inserted. Then, securely tuck your middle and ring fingers into each respective finger hole; ensure that only the top knuckles rest inside for a secure fit.

Hold onto one side of the ball with your other hand for additional support during the backswing until you are ready to begin.

Rest the ball on your bowling hand’s palm and thumb during the backswing. Keep it tucked behind your palm but slightly underneath as you swing onward.

Liberate it from your thumb while ensuring it is still above when you start to move ahead with the swing. When you let go of it, ensure its placement isn’t too high up on the ball, or it’ll unintentionally impart the vertical spin.

When ready, launch the ball away from your fingertips while simultaneously twisting them up and to the side to give it a spin. This swift action should follow after releasing your thumb off the ball.

3. Bowling Ramp Technique

Should you use any tool over your acrylic nails while bowling? Fear not, there’s a machine that can help you knock out those pins at the end of the lane with ease. 

Bowling ramps provide a gradient to roll the ball down without pushing or lifting it, enabling you to pitch with greater precision at any angle. In addition, these inclined slides offer an effortless way of hurling your bowling ball.

These ramps are perfect for those with limited physical strength, such as small children or individuals with disabilities. With the assistance of a ramp, they can maximize their bowling experience without putting too much effort into throwing the ball.

For a winning game at the bowling alley, grab a ramp and place your ball on top. Then slide it down for an effortless shot that will send pins tumbling – all without risking harm to those long nails! Not only fun but also exciting and safe, you’ll have an unforgettable time.

By following these techniques, you can ensure that your acrylics or long nails are safe while bowling. Practice them properly before trying them out on an actual game. Happy bowling! 

How can you Protect your Acrylic or Long Nails while Bowling?

It can be tricky to enjoy a bowling game when you have naturally long nails. In addition, the inability to properly grip the bowling ball can interfere with the accuracy and power of your throws.

Plus, long nails can easily get stuck in the holes of the bowling ball, which can be quite painful and damaging. 

It is why girls with beautiful manicures need to take special care when bowling to keep their long or acrylic nails safe. Here are some nail care tips that you can take into account:

Use Bowling Gloves

Bowling gloves provide unparalleled support to your wrist, forearm, and fingers while you play. They maintain the correct posture of your wrists to help prevent chipping or breaking nails and aid in form accuracy.

Best yet, bowling gloves give more control over the ball so that every throw is a winner! These accessories make injuries less common, giving players peace of mind while focusing on their performance.

Get Finger Coats

Finger cots offer a physical barrier between your nails and the bowling ball, providing an extra layer of protection.

Constructed from rubber or silicone materials, they fit snugly around the tops of your fingers while still allowing them to breathe comfortably. They also help improve grip, which can be useful when trying to release the ball!

Make Sure your Nail Beds are Well-Moisturized

To keep your nails safe is important to ensure that every nail bed is well-moisturized and in top shape before bowling. For example, you can use good cuticle oil to nourish them.

In such a way, you can easily reduce the chances of your nails breaking or chipping while playing.

Take a Ball with Larger Holes

When choosing a bowling ball, it is important to go for one with larger holes. Bigger bowling ball holes will ensure that your nails do not get stuck in the holes and provide more room for your fingers to fit in.

Take Pre-Cut Protective Tapes

Apply a pre-cut protective bowling tape to prevent your nails from getting stuck in the ball. These tapes are available in various sizes and will provide a protective layer around your nails so they do not get stuck in the holes. 

So, how can you protect your acrylic or long nails while bowling? Taking the abovementioned precautions ensures that your nails stay safe and undamaged while enjoying bowling time. 

Final Thoughts 

Don’t let bowling with acrylic nails intimidate you – it’s possible and much safer than you might think! With the granny roll or ramp bowling technique, you can quickly launch the ball with accuracy and power without damaging your nails.

Besides, make sure to file your fake nails down, change your grip for better balance, use gloves, or wrap tape or finger guards around each nail.

With these simple tips in mind, you can have an enjoyable game of bowling without having to sacrifice your stunningly-fashioned fingernails.

So, what are you waiting for? Take your bowling bag, get ready to roll the ball down the lane, and enter the bowling league!

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