Can You Bring Your Own Nail Polish To a Salon?

Getting a perfect manicure or pedicure is every client’s dream. And the lack of a perfect nail polish shade or brand can come in the way of that dream.

So, can you bring your own nail polish to a salon? Well, yes, you can bring your own nail polish to the salon. Here’s how to go about it.

Will it be rude to bring your own nail polish to a salon?

The last thing you’d want to do when getting a nail job done is to offend the nail tech. It’ll increase your chances of getting a not-so-good manicure or pedicure.

So, before you visit a salon, think critically about what may come off as rude. And one thing most people ask is, is bringing my own nail polish rude?

Bringing your nail polish won’t be rude if you inform the salon beforehand. We advise clients to ask the nail tech while booking the salon appointment.

Most salons have heard this request plenty of times. So it won’t come off as rude when you make the request.

However, be ready to listen to the salon’s policies. Some salons may prohibit clients from bringing in their products due to quality issues.

But, you’ll find most salons agreeing to this arrangement after they’ve known the products you’ll be bringing.

To avoid miscommunication, you could also explain your reasoning behind bringing your own nail polish to the salon.

This will allow the nail tech to understand where you are coming from concerning bringing your polish. And they’ll be able to give you the best advice.

Why bring own nail polish to a salon 

Bringing nail polish to the salon can be tiring and, to some extent, nerve-racking. After all, you are afraid of being rude to the nail technician when you show up with your nail polish.

But why take this route? Why bring your own nail polish to a salon?

Color of your dreams

You’ll want to bring your own nail polish to a salon to get the desired color. Most salons will often have a limited range of colors and nail polish shades.

And for those with a wide range, some colors may be out of stock, leaving you utterly disappointed.

So, walking into a nail salon with your own nail polish can help you get the color of your dreams.

Quality of your dreams

If you want a long-lasting manicure that won’t compromise nail health, you had better go for quality nail polish. And some nail salons will offer less quality. The solution? Bringing your own polish.

When you think of quality, remember that some salons compromise nail polish quality. They may thin out their polish with nail polish remover. And it won’t last long on your nails. So coming in with your non-compromised polish to your nail appointment is better.

Reusing polish

Another plus is that you get to reuse polish. Sometimes, your polish may chip off. And going back to nail salons for such minor incidents may be tiring.

So, what do you do? You’ll only need to touch up any smudges or chipped areas, and you’re good to go.

Protect your nail health.

And the mother of all reasons? To protect your nail health.

When you walk into most nail salons without your polish, you’ll have to use what’s on offer.

Unfortunately, some products on offer may cause allergic reactions, compromising your nail health. If you know some nail products cause allergic reactions, you’d better carry your nail polish.

Some salons may also have low hygienic procedures. For instance, we’ve had cases where manicurists dip multiple clientele nails into the same dip powder container.

The result? Clients can pass on nail infections to each other.

So, to prevent such scenarios, it’s better to bring your nail polish.

Drawbacks of bringing own nail polish to a salon 

While bringing your own polish to a salon has advantages, there are also some drawbacks. And we’ve spelled out some of them.

You’ll pay more

Chances are the salon you visit won’t lower costs because you brought your nail polish. So at the end of the manicure, you’ll have paid the full cost and still paid for your products.

And if you’re on a tight budget, this may not be an economic decision.

Poor product preservation

Nail experts understand how to preserve or store nail products. But this is different with most clientele.

As such, it’s easy to find that sometimes, the products have been stored or handled poorly.

For instance, some nail polishes must be stored in cool, dry places. But you’ll find them stored in hot conditions altering their functional abilities.

So, when you go to the salon with such a product, it won’t work well. And your manicure won’t last long.

Manicure-polish incompatibility

Picture this; you visit a store and purchase polish clearly labeled ‘gel .’ You then head on to the salon and request a gel manicure.

You’d be distraught only for the nail tech to tell you that the polish isn’t an actual UV gel polish, right?

Unfortunately, this is a scenario that plays out too often. Clients bring in regular nail polish, but they want shellac. And they end up spending more or getting manicures they didn’t intend to get.

So, the manicure-polish incompatibility is another drawback of bringing own polish to the salon.

Polish clashes with other products

Another drawback of bringing your nail polish is that the polish can clash with other products. We always recommend getting the same brand of nail polish color, top coat, and base coat.

That way, we can guarantee the perfect, long-lasting manicure. But, clients bringing their nail polish may clash with the other products, leading to a sub-standard manicure.

Will I save costs by bringing my polish to the nail salon? 

Little cost savings could go a long way when getting manicures. After all, the saved money could be used for your fill-ins. Or to buy one more polish.

So, anything that would save costs is welcome. But will you save costs if you bring your polish to the salon?

Well, you won’t save costs. The costs you’d save (which is rare) would be negligible. But why?

Salons will usually charge for labor, time, and products used. And when you put all products into account, the amount allocated to nail polish is negligible.

So, you’ll find that salons won’t lower the price because you came with your nail polish. Ultimately, you’ll pay double for the nail service and your polish.

Additionally, some salons will prefer something other than the idea of your nail polish. They deem it an inconvenience.

They will charge you more (around 5 dollars) for causing them the inconvenience of using an unfamiliar product.

Pro-Tip: If you are a frequent customer, try requesting a discount if you come in with your nail polish. Remember, don’t feel entitled to get it.

How do I let my nail tech know I am bringing my polish? 

And now to the most commonly asked question; how do you let nail technicians know you are bringing your own polish?

You don’t want to come off as rude. So how do you go about it?

Well, start when booking your appointment. Ensure you let nail technicians know you’ll bring your own nail polish. The nail technicians will likely ensure the nail polishes you bring is compatible with other products.

Take your time with any information requested. That way, when you bring your own nail polishes, it won’t be awkward.

It would be best to ask whether they’d offer discounts now that you’ve got your nail polishes. This will allow you to go to the salon financially prepared.

Next, when you get to the salon, politely remind them that you’ve brought your nail polish. You can refer to the call you made during the appointment.

Again, answer any questions the nail technician has about your nail polish. The manicurist tries to understand your reasoning and get the most compatible products to use alongside your polish.

Lastly, bring polish that is in good condition. Dried-up or generally unsightly polish will start your manicure on the wrong foot.

So, be sure to bring quality and well-preserved products.

Will it be more hygienic to bring my own nail polish to the salon? 

A good salon will have instituted proper hygiene and sanitation measures. But sometimes, it may be challenging to achieve this, especially during peak periods.

Based on this understanding, bringing your own polish to the salon is always more hygienic.

By doing so, you are sure that it’s clean. After all, you’re the only user. And if there are others, you’re sure who they are and their nail conditions.

Ultimately you get to reduce the risk of infection and nail diseases that you’d be afraid of in cases where the salons don’t practice good sanitary procedures.

What else can I bring to a nail salon? 

Ideally, you can walk into a nail salon with just a credit card or your form of payment. And you’d be able to get a dashing manicure. But, the situation is only sometimes ideal. And what you bring doesn’t stop with just nail polish.

So, apart from nail polish and payment, what else can you bring to the nail salon?

Well, nail techs may advise bringing nail files and buffers to your nail appointment. The nail technician will use these two tools to shape and finish your nails before properly polishing your application.

And the reason for requesting these two? Hygiene purposes. So, ensure that you’ve thoroughly sterilized your buffer and nail file.

When booking your appointment, your nail technician may also ask if you’ve got sensitive skin.

If yes, they may request you to carry a moisturizer of your choice. This will help keep your skin hydrated and soft during the appointment.

Lastly, if you are getting both a manicure and a pedicure, you may need to bring some flip-flops or sandals.

You’d hate to see your new nails with a smear when you get home. And sometimes, this may be unavoidable even if your pedicure is completely dry.

So, flip-flops and sandals will ensure your nail job stays intact till you’re home. And a bonus advantage? You’ll be able to show off your manicure/pedicure effortlessly!

What to consider when bringing own nail polish to a salon 

Before you decide to bring your own polish to a salon, there are some things you should consider.

First, consider the salon policy. Do they allow people to bring their products? Not every salon supports outside products. Some salons might deem this an inconvenience. So, check with the salon you intend to visit first.

You should also consider the quality of the products. A poor-quality product will give a poor manicure.

So, ensure you are bringing quality. Ask the nail tech about the best polish to buy if you need more clarification.

And while at this, consider the product’s compatibility with the manicure you desire and the products used in the salon.


‘Can you bring your own nail polish to a salon?’

We now hope this question is well answered. You can bring your own polish to a salon. But with plenty of considerations.

Bring quality, compatible, and well-preserved polish if you take this route. And communicate your intent to the nail artist beforehand.

These instructions will guarantee you a seamless nail service experience.

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