Can You Fill Dip Powder Nails With Acrylic?

If you love manicures, you’ve probably heard of the trendy dip powder nails. If not, allow us to explain. With the dip powder nail technique, instead of using liquid nail polish to coat your nails, you dip your base-coated nails into a colored, pigmented powder which hardens when it hits the air. It combines nail glue and colored powder to give your nails a chip-resistant shine and can stay pristine for up to four weeks.

However, your dip nails may start to chip or grow out with your natural nails after some weeks. This can leave an unwanted gap between your cuticle lines and the old dip powder.

Like gel nails and acrylic, dip powder nails need refills. But is it ideal to fill it with acrylic powder?

Let’s find out.

Can you Fill Dip Nails?

Yes, you can fill dip nails, especially if they have chipped, cracked, or grown out, exposing your natural nails. Many people are under the impression that you need to remove the previous set before starting one, but that’s not true. You can fill dip nails without completely removing the entire manicure.

The essence of fill is to apply more powder to cover the exposed gap caused by the growth of the natural nails. You can then cure it with UV light or LED light to help extend the lifespan of your dip nails and keep them looking their best. Plus, it is time-saving.

Filling dip nail manicure also comes with their perks. For one, it can be difficult to prep these little gaps without using an electric nail drill.

Electric nail drills can cause more harm to your natural nails than good if you’re not careful with them or if an inexperienced nail technician uses them.

Also, applying just the glue or activator, you need for those small areas may take a lot of work. If there is an excess activator, more dip powder may stick to it, causing your dip nails to be bumpy at the transition lines, and they have to be removed with delicate sanding, which adds more time to the whole process.

Let’s remember that dipping everyone’s nails into the same powder dust can give rise to bacterial infection, especially if your nail technician does not take preventive measures.

How to Fill Dip Nails Step-By-Step

Whether you are getting your fill dip nails done at nail salons or at home yourself, the process is quite easy but requires special attention.

  • Firstly, prep your nails by cleaning your exposed nail plate of dirt, debris, or chipped polish. Using your cuticle pusher, gently push back your cuticles to prevent adhesive or powder from getting on them.  
  • Then, using your nail file, file down the surface of the existing dip on your nails. If you use a different color dip powder for the refill, ensure to buff all of the current dip powder away from your nails. You should also blend your nails where the regrowth and the existing dip powder meet, making them smooth and ridge-free.
  • Next, apply the bond or resin-based glue to the entire surface of your natural nail. Afterward, brush on the base coat and fill in the dip color powder or acrylic in the areas where your nails have regrown. Remember to work with one nail at a time to ensure an even application, and brush off any excess powder.
  • You should repeat this step two to three times based on your preferred opacity and color intensity. After the third time, dip the nail into the clear powder.
  • Finally, wait a few minutes, then apply a top coat. This step allows the nails to dry completely, harden the powder, and add shine.

PS If you’re getting your fill dip manicure done at a nail salon, your nail technician shouldn’t actually “dip” your nail into the powder jar. Instead, they should brush the dipping powder directly onto your nail or pour an allotted portion into a cup per single use.

Can you Fill Dip Powder Nails with Acrylic?

Yes, you can use standard acrylic powder, but it may not give you the desired smooth results. Acrylic powder and dip powder are made from the same formulations.

However, dip powder is a high-quality acrylic enhancement product with many different shades compared to regular acrylics, which come in clear, white, or pink.

Regular acrylics shouldn’t be mixed with resin because it will only result in a bulky and unmanageable formulation which may not be suitable for dipping.

So, instead of your nails looking smooth and attractive, they look chunky. You might have to work on refining or shaping the nails by buffing them longer to get the smoothness you want.

Plus, the acrylic powder is normally mixed with monomer to activate or cause it to harden. Whereas with dip powders, no monomer is used, you rely on air drying to harden your fill-ins.

When opting for acrylic powder is best to use only a thin layer. So, follow the same process you would go with a regular dip powder (like the steps highlighted above).

Also, since you’re not spoilt for choice when it comes to acrylic powder options, you may have to apply your choice of polish after finishing the refilling.

Can you Get a Fill On Dip Nails With Tips

The easiest way to add length to your nails is to enhance your natural nails with faux tips. Just like gel or acrylic nails, dip nails can give your nails a longer and sleeker look.

While you can use dip powder on your natural nails and artificial tips. But like other nail enhancement, dip nails tend to lift, crack, and chip or natural nails can grow underneath. Thankfully, it is possible to fill dip powder nails with tips.

How do you Fill Dip Nails With Tips?

It’s simple. You don’t have to soak off your previous manicure and start from scratch. However, if you have major lifting, it’s ideal to soak off the dip powder and give your nails a fresh start to avoid contamination or bacteria growth.

So, generally, start by filling out the existing dip powder on the tips and blend the edges of the dip powder to your natural nail plate. Just like the procedure above, apply a bond to the tip and allow it to dry before adding a base coat.

Dip the tip into your preferred acrylic, and remove excess powder. Apply an activator and allow the powder to harden. File to blend the old tip and new dip, and you can repeat the process before applying a thin layer of sealer for the finished look.

This process is similar to filling regular acrylic nails, except that you will need to use a dip powder that matches the color of your existing nails.

Once you have applied the dip powder to the tips, you can then use a file to shape the nails into the desired shape and thickness.

This method is perfect for those who want to change the shape of their dip nails without starting from scratch.

Can you Fill Dip Nails with a Different Color?

For someone who loves the dip system, one of the benefits you enjoy is the endless beautiful color choice of powders.

With the raving trend of dip powder nails, companies like SNS have produced various color choices, just as you would with traditional nail polish.

You shouldn’t have trouble finding powder shades to replace your current set of nails.

With some effort, dip nails can be filled with different colors or with other materials, such as glitter or rhinestones, to create more unique looks. However, it’s best if the new color is darker than the old one.

If your new manicure shade is lighter than your previous one, be sure to file down through the color powder to the base and finish powder. Otherwise, your old color may show through your new shade.

How to Change the Color of Dip Powder Nails

  • Firstly, the remaining color must be removed from the existing nails. Start by using acetone or another type of nail polish remover to remove the old polish.
  • Next, apply a base coat to help the new color adhere to your dip nails. Once the base coat is dry, dip your nails into the dip powder or colored acrylic powders of your choice. Ensure to remove the excess nail products.
  • Once the dip powder has been applied correctly, it will need to be cured under a UV light.
  • After the nails have been cured, a top coat can be applied for extra protection, and your nail is ready. This process can be time-consuming, so enlist the services of a professional.
  • PS backfills generally work best with the same or darker color.

Can you Use Dip Powder to Fill Acrylic Nails?

Acrylic nails that are outgrown can look tacky and untidy. Acrylic powder is the most durable way to fill in and create acrylic nails. However, dip powders can be suitable alternatives to fill your acrylic nails.

As already stated, dip powder has a higher pigment concentration than normal acrylic powder. Plus, it doesn’t use acrylic liquid; instead, dip powder uses a base known as a bonder to hold the powder in place and a sealant to cure and harden.

While you can use it to fill acrylic nails, it is not durable. It is lighter in texture and will lead to weight imbalance. As a result, it will be prone to chipping and easier to lift than the standard acrylic nail.

Suppose you opt to use dip powder to fill your acrylic nail, follow the steps highlighted above. However, remember to use a pH balance or a dehydrator and acrylic primer on the part of the nails that are exposed, or the new fill-ins will lift prematurely.

How Often do you Need to Fill Your Dip Nails?

Dip powder nails have become a go-to choice for the perfect manicure. It is easy and quick and offers the opportunity to try out different colors and create unique nail art.

You can also count on your mani to last a while with proper care. However, if you have active hands or are frequently exposed to harsh chemicals, you may need to go for fill-ins every 2-3 weeks.

In addition, your natural nails underneath will form a gap between your cuticle and the acrylic nail after about 2 or 3 weeks of growth. Depending on how fast your natural nails grow, you’ll want to get them retouched often, so the nail beneath isn’t visible.

If you are unfamiliar with the process, it is best to leave it to professionals. But, if you are comfortable with the process and have the necessary supplies, then filling dip nails at home can be straightforward but time-consuming.

How Much does It Cost to Get Dip Nails Refilled?

We all know dip manicures are one of the trendy ways to get your desired gorgeous sets. Whether short nails or long, you can quench your hunger with these durable powder nails.

However, one of the downsides of dip manicures is that they tend to be a bit more pricey compared to other similar manicures.

Typically, dip Manicures will cost around $30-65 depending on your location, type of salon, and how many services you opt for.

If your dip nails are still in good condition, you can also opt to do a fill-in, which costs around $20-35. But, again, the specific amount charged depends on the amount of work that is needed.

Doing your dip nails at home is a different story. It costs much less than getting them done at a salon. However, a higher startup cost is associated with buying all the necessary materials, which may be around the price of a single manicure at the salon.

Tips for Filling Dips Nails

Below are a few must-know tips for filling dip nails.

Firstly, as with any nail service, you’ll want quality nail products that ensure lasting, consistent results. So, check the consistency of the acrylic powder.

Your dipping powder should be free-flowing to allow an even clean application. Ultimately, your choice of dip powders can shorten service time since it cuts down on buffing and filing.

Secondly, read the activator cure time. The activator cure time can vary, which will affect your application. Also, be sure the pigment is well blended for consistency.

Thirdly, working with thin layers of base coat prevents the dip powder from becoming too thick or uneven when dipping the nail.

Always prep the nails before filling by cleaning them with nail cleanser. This is because your nails can build up all sorts of bacteria throughout the day.

Never flood your cuticle. Instead, the first layer of liquid adhesive should only cover half of your nail and not touch the cuticle until the final coat. So, ensure to dip your nail into the powder at an angle to avoid pushing the glue into your cuticle.

If the old dip powder was a darker shade than you have, you can buff out the color pigment powder and reapply the new color.

Lastly, hydrate your cuticles with cuticle oil when you finish your dip fill, and massage your hand to enhance blood flow.

How do you Hide Outgrown Dip Nails?

 Acrylic, gel polish, or color dip powder can be attractive. But as your natural nails grow out, your faux nail is pushed upwards- which is not so attractive. Fortunately, you have genius ways to hide your outgrown cuticles without causing any damage.

Many may try to apply clear nail polish to disguise the problem, but it will only cause the ridge to appear more. So instead, file the top of the fake nails to blend with the outgrown part, then apply acrylic and vanish the nail until they look good as new.

Also, you can apply a couple of layers of sparkly nail polish to hide the gap created. Glittery nail varnish creates the perfect cover-up for grown-out powder nails.

You don’t need an at-home gel removal kit, acetone, or even nail clamps to do it. All you need is a glitter polish to conceal your nail secret.


Dip powder nails can last you up to four weeks. But your natural nails can still grow out underneath to taint their appearance.

So you can remove them after some weeks or opt for refilling. Plus, if you don’t have normal dipping powder, you can use normal acrylic powder for your fill-ins.

Filling dip nails is straightforward once you get the hang of it. Just follow the guidelines above, and you are good to go.

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