Can You Make Acrylic Nails Longer Between Fills?

All acrylic fanatics know they’ll need to get fills every two to three weeks. After these fills, your nails will look as good as new.

But for adventurous people, maintaining the same nail length and style for a few months can get boring. So can you spice up things? Like making your acrylic nails longer between fills?

Can you Make Acrylic Nails Longer Between Fills? 

Yes, it is possible to make acrylic nails longer between fills. This technique is called a nail extension and involves two steps.

The first step is for your nail tech to glue a plastic piece called a “tip” to the end of your natural nail bed. This tip provides an anchor that lets them securely attach the new length you want onto your existing fingernail. The tips come in various lengths and shapes, so they can create any look you desire!

The second step is for the nail tech to apply acrylic gel or hard gel around and over the tip. Acrylic gels are thick liquids that harden when they dry, creating the exact shape of what was molded with them while retaining flexibility and strength. Once this layer has completely dried, it’s ready for filing and painting!

This method of acrylic extensions allows for more dynamic styles than typical fills because you’re adding actual length instead of just reshaping existing nails; plus, these extensions can last up to four weeks, depending on how well you care for them!

Can you Change the Shape of your Nails Between Fills? 

Are you thinking of changing your nails from oval to stiletto? Or generally from one shape to another during your next fill? And quietly wondering whether it’s possible.

Well, you can change the shape of your nails between fills. If you’re changing from a longer artificial nail shape like a stiletto to a shorter one like oval acrylics, your nail technician will need to file the nails down.

But when changing from a shorter to a longer shape, the nail tech may need to put some extensions such as acrylic tips and acrylic gel.

So don’t hesitate to ask your nail tech for this service during your next nail service appointment.

Tips for making acrylic nails longer between fills 

Like any other nail enhancements, fake nails are an investment. Not just an investment of your money but also of your time.

And because you wouldn’t want to waste your money or time, here are some tips for making artificial nails longer between fills

1. Get a Professional Nail Tech

Do your due diligence to get a professional nail tech. And one who understands the ins and outs of adding length to acrylics while keeping your nails healthy.

Ask around for nail techs who’ve perfected their form-fitting technique. Why? Because nail forms are a crucial part of making artificial nails longer. Without a professional, you risk damaging both your acrylics and natural nails.

2. Invest in Quality Nail Forms

When adding length to your acrylics, you’ll need them to sit on a steady base. The steady base will ensure your acrylic nails last longer and fit well.

But how do you get such a steady base? You invest in good quality nail extension forms that suit your needs.

But this can be confusing as the market has both disposable and reusable nail forms. So, which ones should you get? Or look out for if you’re getting your acrylic length added in a nail salon.

We recommend disposable forms made of paper, foil, or a combination. These types are easier to tailor to any shape than reusable ones, which are more permanent.

And you won’t have to worry about disinfecting the reusable forms as you’ll throw them away immediately after use.

3. Be Ready to do Some Extra Filing

The last thing you want when making artificial nails longer between fills is to have uneven nails. But there’s always this risk. How?

When you add the extension to your acrylic to make it longer, it might be a different size than your initial acrylic. To make it similar to your initial acrylic nail, you’ll need to file it.

And remember to file both on the acrylic nail plate and on the sides to reach your desired shape.

4. Allow Acrylic to Dry Completely

Another tip is to allow the acrylic gel (extension) to dry completely before doing anything else with the nail. A non-dry acrylic gel is quite fragile, and it may end up breaking if ‘disturbed.’

And the worst thing is that it’s not only the added length that will break. The initial acrylic may also crack.

So, allowing the acrylic gel to dry for about 10 minutes would be best. You can tell that the extension is dry by gently tapping it. If the extension produces a clicking sound, it’s dry, and you’re good to go.

Pro-Tip: Always apply a little acrylic gel on the extended acrylic nail. This ensures both acrylics adhere better to each other.

Are Acrylic Nails All Supposed to be the Same Length?

Have you returned to your nail artist after a fill because your nails were not the same length? You probably thought that the nail artist had mismeasured your nails. There’s also the likelihood that you questioned; are acrylic nails all supposed to be the same length?

Well, acrylic nails aren’t supposed to be the same lengths. But why? Your fingers are of different lengths. And so is your nail growth. And before fixing your acrylics, an experienced nail tech will consider the length, size, and natural nail growth rate.

A shorter finger with a smaller nail bed will get a smaller acrylic, and the reverse applies to longer and larger fingers. Thus, it would be unrealistic to expect a perfect manicure to have acrylics of the same length.

But often, we hear clients asking about using the grid system on the nail extension form. Most clients will claim that using the grid system will give them more consistent acrylic nails.

But nothing is further from the truth. The grid system will create varying lengths, especially for the shorter nails with shorter nail beds.

Instead, allow the nail tech to create their magic. Ideally, this magic should have the three middle fingers (index, middle, and ring) at the same length. The pinkie and thumb should also be the same length.

But when placed side by side from the cuticle on the pinkie to the corner where the natural nails-free edge ends on the thumb. This way, you’ll have achieved a harmonious look without acrylic nails being the same length.

How do I Take Care of Acrylic Length between Fills 

Although acrylic nails last long, they are not indestructible. So, after you’ve gone through the trouble of adding acrylic length between fills, you’ll need to maintain acrylic length.

Here’s how.

1. Treat your Nails Gently

We always advise clients to start by treating their nails gently. When you’ve made acrylic nails longer, avoid heavy chores or a fast-paced environment. If you don’t, you’ll increase the chances of knocking your nails on surfaces, and they’ll break or chip.

You should also avoid using your nails as tools. With acrylic length, there’s always the temptation to type or to open cans using your nails. But resist it at all costs.

And for nail biters, avoid biting into your fake nails. Otherwise, you’ll break the acrylic and risk damaging the natural nail underneath.

Lastly, wear protective gloves when doing household chores such as washing dishes, gardening, etc. You’ll need to use harsh chemicals when performing most of these chores.

And they can be harmful to your long acrylics, making them brittle. The result? You’ll lose the acrylic length very fast.

2. Avoid DIY in Case of Any Accidents

Accidents sometimes are unavoidable. No matter how gently you treat your nails, they may still break or chip. And the first instinct is always to attempt a DIY to fix the broken or chipped acrylic.

But if you’ve added acrylic length, avoid DIYs to fix the broken or chipped acrylic. Instead, visit a professional nail tech to get the best help.

3. Moisturize Nails

You also need to keep your nails and, generally, hands moisturized. Invest in quality cuticle oil and moisturizer.

Cuticle oil and moisturizer will prevent your hands from becoming dry and brittle, and your acrylic length will remain intact.

How Often should I Make Acrylic Nails Longer Between Fills? 

Let’s all agree-making acrylic nails longer between fills can be fun. After all, you add length to your fake nails and create a new look. But how often can you add acrylic length?

Well, you can make acrylic nails longer between fills every time you visit a nail salon for a fill-in. As long as there’s space for extension- go for it.

An acrylic extension will always be favorable if you sufficiently file the acrylics. But if your nails are too long, keep off more additions unless you cut off the existing acrylics to create more space for the new extension.

Otherwise, your nails will start breaking off. Worse still, you won’t be able to go about your daily chores with ease. Of course, adding more length will heavily depend on the health of the nail.

If you notice any signs of unhealthy nails, don’t proceed with making your acrylics longer. Instead, remove your fake nails and nurse your natural nails back to health.

What can I do if my Acrylic Nails are too Long After Fills? 

Sometimes as acrylic nail enthusiasts, we tend to be carried away. Only after your fill do you realize you overdid it. You’re left with acrylic nails longer than you desired.

And we all know this can be quite uncomfortable. So, what can you do if your acrylic nails are too long after fills?

Well, the number one recommended advice is to trim your acrylic nails. You could use a nail clipper, but a nail file is best.

Start by filing your acrylic down until you reach the desired length. When filing, start from the sides of the nails towards the center. Remember to smooth out the jagged nail edges.

After filing, rinse and dry your hands with warm water before applying any nail or gel polish. This way, you’ll avoid a bumpy manicure. And as usual, we recommend visiting a nail tech for these services.

Pro-Tip: Ensure you get an acrylic nail file since acrylics are fairly tough.


So, there we have it! You can spice things up and make acrylics longer between fills. While adding length, visit a professional nail tech and get quality disposable extension forms. And remember to take care of the acrylic length you’ve added.

Do this by getting quality cuticle oils, treating your nails gently, and avoiding DIY fixtures and repairs.

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