How Often Should You Take A Break From Dip Nails?

Dip powder manicures are at the top of your options if you love durable manicures. And you’ve probably had some back-to-back manicures. But what about your nail health? How often should you take a break from dip nails?

You should take a break every two to three months. Keep reading to get the lowdown on everything about dip powder nail breaks.

Should you Take a Break from Dip Nails 

Dip powder shouldn’t harm your nails if properly applied and removed. And most people may think this allows them to have dip powder manicures all the time.

Unfortunately, this can threaten your nail health. So we recommend taking regular breaks from dip manicures. But how can dip powder nails threaten nail health?

Dip powder nails earned their name through their application method. The nail tech dips your nails directly into the dip powder container, causing a sanitation risk.

Germs picked up from one nail can spread to the other, threatening your nail health. And a break from dip powder nails can help identify any problem early on. And you’ll be able to nurse your nail back to health.

Breaks are also necessary because of the dip powder nail removal method. Your manicurist will apply 100% acetone on the nails. Acetone tends to dehydrate the nails.

It will also peel off nail layers over time, causing thinning. But if you take regular breaks, you can allow the nail time to rejuvenate.

Remember: The frequency of the breaks will depend on the type of products you use, how often you get dip nails, and your overall nail health.

How Often should you Take a Break from Dip Nails?

We recommend taking a break from dip nails once every two to three months. But remember that the break may vary from person to person. And it all boils down to your nail health.

So, the once-every-two-to-three-month recommendation works best for those with healthier nails. You’ll give your nails a breather and time to rejuvenate during this break.

If you find that your nails have become brittle, thin, and flimsy, you should take a break. Don’t wait for the two to three-month period to elapse.

The more you wait, the more unhealthy your nails will become. And you won’t like the process of nursing them back to health.

How Long should you Wait Between Dip Nails?

When you’re used to having dip nails, staying without them may be a challenge. And you can’t wait to get another dip manicure.

But how long should you wait between dip nails? The American Academy of Dermatology Association recommends waiting up to four weeks between dip nails. So, your wait should be between three to four weeks, and you’ll have the green light to get another dip manicure.

During this one month, look closely at your nails. This way, you’ll be able to spot a problem early on and get the best intervention. And invest in a good moisturizer and cuticle oil.

You should also increase your vitamin intake if your nails are damaged. By so doing, your nails will return to their strong and healthy form.

And if you’re worried about your nails looking bare, you can wear regular nail polish during the break. But if the damage to your nails is horrendous, sacrifice’ good-looking nails’ and nurse your nails back to health.

Will Dip Nails Damage my Nails? 

Dip manicures have undoubtingly taken the nail beauty world by storm. Their chip-free nature and longevity compared to acrylic and gel nail polish make them a favorite to many. But will dip manicures ruin your nails?

Dip nails can damage your nails without regular breaks, proper application, and removal processes. But how and why?

Dip powder nails call for the use of a base coat called cyanoacrylate. The base coat acts as a glue to hold the dip powder onto the nail upon dipping.

A licensed nail technician won’t say that cyanoacrylate, found in the dip powder, is restricted for use in cosmetics in Canada.

The European Union has also classified it as an irritant, and it’s only been cleared in the US. Prolonged use of this base coat may damage your nails. So, you’ll need to take a break to avoid such a scenario.

The dip powder nails removal process can also damage your nails. We’ve mentioned that you’ll need to use an acetone soak to remove dip powder nails. And this can dehydrate and weaken your nails over time.

Additionally, visiting a nail tech that uses the dipping technique may threaten your nail health. Dangerous bacterial infections may spread to different customers in the nail salon.

That is if the nail technician dips different people’s nails in one dip powder container. And this will eventually damage your nails.

Signs you should Take a Break from Dip Nails 

1. Irritated Skin Around the Nail Bed

If you experience irritated skin around the nail bed after a dip powder manicure, it’s time to take a break.

Some dip powders and dip powder liquids have irritating chemicals, and your skin may not take them well.

So, to protect your health, remove the dip manicure and allow your skin about two weeks to one month to heal.

And if the irritating feeling lingers for more than two weeks, make an appointment with your dermatologist. It may be a more serious problem than just a dip powder reaction.

2. Discolored Nails

Discolored nails also indicate that you should take a break from dip nails. It shows you are dealing with an unhealthy nail.

And any activity on that nail will worsen the situation- a consequence you’d rather not deal with. But what causes discoloration of nails with dip manicures?

Well, the chemicals in the dip powder may sometimes react with the keratin in your nails. The result? Your nails become brittle and yellowish.

If you are a first-timer, you may also use excessive dip powder, which can cause your nails to turn yellow.

3. Brittle Nails

You should also take a break if your nails have become brittle. That means they are easily splitting or peeling. And it shows your nails are weak.

While you’ll often find most nail salons indicating that dip polish is organic, they contain some chemicals.

These chemicals can ruin your natural nail plate and leave the nail brittle. If you notice this, a break from dip nails is long overdue.

How Long will Natural Nails Take to Recover After a Dip Manicure? 

Well, there’s no definitive answer for how long your nails take to recover after dip powder nails. It could be a couple of days or a couple of months. Why? Because the recovery time depends on the extent of damage to your natural nails.

You’ll have to wait a few months to recover if your nails are deeply damaged. Invest a lot in nail growth supplements, cuticle oils, and moisturizers to ensure your nails regain their lost glory. And if you’re wondering how you’ll know that your nail is fully recovered, here’s how.

Your nail is fully recovered if it’s back to its original color and texture. Most of the time, this will happen after you allow the damaged nail to grow out and be replaced with new nail growth.

On the other hand, if your nails have less damage, you’ll only need a few days to recover. You’ll then be able to wear dip nails again.

How to Care for Nails before the Next Dip 

You’ll need strong nails to maintain healthy nails during the entire dip manicure. And strong nails come from taking care of nails before, during, and after the dip manicure.

So, how do you care for your nails before your next dip powder manicure?

1. Maintain Healthy Nutritional Practices

You are what you eat. And your nails will show whether you have good nutritional practices or not. So if you want healthy nails as you wait for the next dip powder nails, maintain healthy dietary patterns.

We always insist on taking a sufficient amount of water before the next dip. Ideally, ensure you take two liters of water daily. Why? 18% of your nail plate should be made of water.

If these hydration levels fall, then your nails become brittle and fragile. You’ll end up with weak nails before the next dip instead of the strong, healthy nails you aspired for.

It would help if you also focused on maintaining a healthy diet. It should be rich in vitamins and minerals. This way, you will have strong, healthy nails before the next dip.

2. Use a Nail Strengthener

Using a nail strengthener is another great way to care for nails before the next dip. Nail strengtheners act as a protective seal for your nail plate.

So your nails will be protected from damage. And they’ll also benefit from the vitamins and nutrients found in most nail strengtheners.

You’ll also find that a good nail strengthener will promote nail growth. How? You’ll have well-sealed and hydrated nails.

Pro-Tip: Avoid nail strengtheners with formaldehyde or formalin. These two ingredients quickly make your nails brittle before the next dip.

Instead, look for nail strengtheners with glycerin, silicon, and hyaluronic acid. They’ll make your nails healthier.

3. Use Cuticle Oil

We can’t stress this enough-moisturize your nails before your next dip powder manicure. Moisturizing will improve the health and the general appearance of your nails.

And you won’t have a hard time the next time you go for a dip manicure. If you can’t access cuticle oil, we recommend massaging olive or coconut oil on your nails.

4. Glove-up

You’ll be involved in some house chores. And some chemicals you’ll use can have terrible effects on your nails. The solution? Glove-up. We recommend using rubber gloves when engaging in house chores as you wait for the next dip.

And if you find your hands dry up because of the rubber gloves, try moisturizing them before putting them on.

5. Keep your Nails Clean and Short

Running around with long and untidy nails as you wait for the next dip is a recipe for disaster. You risk having cracked nails right down your natural nail bed.

And you’ll not only feel pain but also have to postpone when to have your next dip manicure.

How to Strengthen Nails After Dip Powder?

Nails are quite forgiving, especially if you maintain good nutritional practices. So, even after suffering from weak nails, you can still strengthen them after dip powder manicures. Here’s how.

Reduce Contact with Harsh Soaps

After dip powder manicures, your nails will have lost their usual strength. To strengthen them, you’ll need to stay away from harsh products. And by harsh products, we mean soaps, cleansers, and even hand washes.

Prolonged contact with such products can lead to further drying and brittleness of the nails.

If you have to come into contact with such products, we recommend you select these products with hydrating properties. Such products will ensure your nails remain hydrated.

Take Biotin and Apply Nail-Strengthening Products

We also recommend taking a biotin supplement to strengthen your nails after dip powder nails. Visit the nearest drugstore and look for these supplements in the nail care aisle.

You can choose to take it either in powder or pill form. Biotin supplements will provide your body with nutrients to support nail growth.

And remember to brush or rub nail-strengthening products. You should select the nail strengthening product depending on the extent of damage to your nails.

Keep your Nails Natural

Last but most importantly, keep your nails natural. Resist the temptation to have nail polish, gel polish, or acrylics on. Please take a moment to re-evaluate and monitor the health of your nails.

We know this is hard as you may feel your nails are quite ‘naked.’ But your nails will thank you for this.

Keep your natural nails trimmed during this time and buff them if necessary. Trimming ensures you’ve removed the bad, and a ‘new healthy nail’ will grow.

Your nails will have regained their strength, and you can dress them up as you like again!


Dip manicures have great advantages. But you can’t enjoy them without healthy natural nails. So, caring for your natural nails should be a priority.

Ensure you give your nails a break at least once every two to three months. Learning to recognize damage emanating from dip nails and the best interventions would be best. This way, you’ll always be on top of the game regarding your nail health.

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