Opi Bubble Bath vs. Put It In Neutral: What’s The Difference?

Nail polishing is one of the essential steps of the nail care routine. There are different shades and types of nail colors. Some may look similar, while others are different. So, which one should you choose?

In this article, I’ll talk about Opi Bubble Bath vs. Put It In Neutral. Both nail polishes are beautiful but vary slightly in color. So, I want to show you swatches of OPI Bubble Bath and Put It In Neutral to to help you decide which nail polish to choose.

What is OPI Bubble Bath?

Bubble bath is one of OPI brand’s oldest neutral nail polish shades. It is a soft, almost transparent nude nail polish. However, it is a warm-toned pink, which looks more peachy than pink. It contrasts considerably with its biggest competitor, Essie’s Ballet Slippers, which appears more white.

You need three coats of OPI bubble bath to get that pretty peach color. However, since I don’t like my manicure entirely peach, I only apply two coats to add a slight hint of pink to my nails.

Fewer coats may seem odd, especially for a sheer neutral polish, but it works with all OPI sheer lacquers.

Bubble bath polishes take 5-6 minutes for each coat to dry. This duration is short, but I like to use a mini desk fan to make it even shorter. You can also use OPI RapiDry Quick-drying top coat to help the nail lacquer dry faster.

OPI bubble bath is a beautiful color, perfect for everyday wear because it pairs well with all fashion styles. I love pairing it with tan, brown, and red outfits because it brings out the peachy undertones more clearly. In addition, this lacquer polish won’t clash with your makeup, whether you wear it light or heavy.

The best thing about this nail polish is that it can last up to a week without chipping or peeling. This duration, however, only applies to Bubble bath lacquers.

If you want your manicure to last longer than a week, purchase this shade in Infinite Shine, gel color, or dip powder.

OPI Bubble Bath; New Vs. Old Formula

If you’ve been an OPI fan for as long as I have, I’m sure you can remember the formula changes they made in 2006. The change affected the color and smell of the bubble bath polish, but as far as I’m concerned, it was for the better.

The old OPI bubble bath was a light-sheer, off-white color that looked more like egg cream(It was closer to Essie’s Ballet Slippers in color). In addition, it had a strong chemical smell that slowly faded as the nail lacquer dried. 

On the other hand, today’s bubble bath is still sheer but a little more pigmented compared to the old version. Its color is also warm pink and looks gorgeous on many skin tones. For this reason, you don’t need too many coats to build up opaqueness.

OPI Bubble Bath; Regular Nail Lacquer Vs. Infinite Shine

OPI introduced a new polish system called infinite shine, besides their standard lacquer. It looks like regular nail lacquer; the two have no shade difference. So what sets them apart?

The main difference between OPI bubble bath nail lacquer and infinite shine is longevity. The nail lacquer only lasts seven days before showing signs of wear.

It is the regular type of nail polish that’s quick to apply and easy to remove. For this reason, it is the best choice for those who love to change nail color often.

On the other hand, the bubble bath infinite shine is a blend of lacquer and gel technology that lasts up to 11 days! It is the perfect option for those who love the look of a gel manicure but prefer to avoid the long salon time and effort involving application and removal.

Note: When applying bubble bath infinite shine, you prepare the nail with a nail primer instead of a traditional base coat. So, if you choose OPI Bubble Bath Infinite Shine, ensure that you also pick up the OPI Infinite Shine Nail primer and OPI Infinite Shine Gloss.

Pros and Cons of OPI Bubble Bath


  • Its color is a warm peachy pink perfect for subtle manicures.
  • It is the perfect level of sheer at two coats, but you can add one more coat if you’d like a more semi-opaque manicure.
  • It dries quickly between coats.
  • It stays intact for up to 7 days before you start noticing signs of wear.


  • A bubble bath manicure can quickly turn out streaky if you don’t apply it correctly. 
  • You need to apply three coats to achieve the actual color of the bubble bath. Unfortunately, the more coats you apply, the quicker the nail lacquer will chip.
  • Bubble bath gel colors and nail lacquers appear slightly different. The lacquer is more peachy than the gel color and dip powder.

What is OPI Put It In Neutral

OPI Put it in neutral is a soft, beige pink nail polish shade perfect for subtle manicures. I love this shade because it accentuates the natural pink of the nail bed without going overboard.

In addition, it has a cooler tone compared to the bubble bath shade and looks flattering on any skin tone.

This nail polish is a semi-sheer shade, just like Bubble bath, and you can build up opaqueness by applying more coats. The first coat only adds a slight shine to the nail bed, and the second coat deepens the pink a little. At this point, the manicure is still sheer and looks like your natural nails.

The third coat makes the polish semi-opaque and solidifies the attractive pinkish-beige color we all love. The color will appear solid, but your natural nail line will still show through the manicure.

OPI Put it in neutral is perfect for everyday casual wear and doesn’t clash with formal outfits. I especially like pairing it with gray, black, or white outfits to make its cool tone pop more. It is the neutral you can wear all year long regardless of the season, occasion, or skin tone.

Put it in neutral shares the same attributes as Bubble Bath regarding drying time and longevity. Drying between coats takes about 5-6 minutes, and the manicure will last a week before showing wear signs. If you want a long-wearing manicure, purchase this lacquer shade as a gel color or dip powder.

Pros and Cons of OPI Put It In Neutral


  • This OPI shade subtly accentuates the natural pink nail color.
  • It looks gorgeous on all skin tones.
  • You can control its sheer level by applying more or fewer coats.


  • Many have complained about the lacquer polish being “too pink” and slightly more overwhelming than the gel color and dip powder.
  • There’s no Infinite Shine version of this shade yet.

How to Avoid Streaks when Applying Neutral Nail Polish

When I started DIY manicuring, my biggest problem was nude nail polish. I could never apply it without leaving a streaky mess on my nails, which bothered me greatly. So one day, I asked Kellie, my manicurist, and best friend, to watch me work and tell me what I was doing wrong.

Her advice helped me improve significantly, and today I want to help you up your game as well. Kellie said the key to smoothly applying a neutral nail color is proper nail prep and application technique. Master those two, and you’ll never have problems with your nail color.

How to do Nail Prep Before Applying Neutral Colors

The basics of nail prep before applying nail polish are to remove old polish and clean the nail bed. However, when applying a neutral color, you must apply a ridge-filling base coat before applying the nail color. Nail ridges are one of the biggest causes of streaky nail polish. 

So this base coat will level out the nail bed and create a smooth surface for applying the top coat. I love using products from the same brand, and OPI’s Ridge Filler is my go-to product. All you have to do is apply a thin coat and allow it to dry thoroughly before putting on your base coat.

That said, OPI products play well with other lines. Therefore, you can still get great results with ridge fillers from other brands. I’ve used Zoya Get Even Ridge Filler and the BARIELLE Hydrating Ridge Filler without issue.

Proper Techniques for Applying Neutral Nail Polish

Even if you use the ridge filler, you must improve your technique to get the best results with neutral nail color. So here are a few things to note.

  1. Start with a thin first coat, and don’t worry about the streaks that form – get the color onto the nail. If you go back over the nail with the brush and overwork the polish, you risk streaking or smudging the nail color.
  • As you apply the nail polish, start at the center base of the nail and then pull the brush toward the nail tip. Repeat on the left and right sides of the nail, adding more polish to the brush as needed between swipes. Remember, longer nails will require more polish than short nails. So, be prepared to dip your brush back into the bottle if you have nail tips.
  1. Make the second coat slightly thicker, as it will help cover up the streaks and imperfections from the first coat. This usually works, but if it doesn’t, apply a very thin final layer of polish to fix it.
  2. After the final coat dries, follow immediately with a protective top coat to bind the nail polish layers firmly together. This is what gives you that professionally manicured look.

OPI Bubble Bath vs. Put It In Neutral: Verdict

OPI’s Bubble Bath and Put It In Neutral are beautiful nude nail polishes. They are in the pink nude family, but their tones of pink vary ever so slightly.

The Bubble bath shade is a warm peachy pink, while Put it in neutral is a cooler pinkish beige color. They are both sheer nail polishes, but you can build up to a semi-opaque look with just three coats. In addition, they both have a wear time of one week, but bubble bath also comes in a long-wear formula that lasts up to 11 days.

These shades are soft and feminine, and you can wear them all year round. Pick the one that tickles your fancy the most, or add both to your collection if you can’t choose. You can never have too many neutral nail polishes.

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