When You Get Your Nails Filled Can You Change The Color?

Visiting a nail salon today will most definitely leave you in a dilemma. There are myriad nail colors to choose from. Unfortunately, you can’t have them all.

So, what’s the solution? Can you change the color when you get your nails filled? The good news is that you can change the color when your nails are filled.

Let’s learn more.

What is a Nail Fill?

After a manicure, the nail technicians will likely remind you when to come for a nail fill. But what is a nail fill? Well, a nail fill is more like ‘servicing’ your nails. It’s similar to taking your car for servicing so that it’s safe and long-lasting.

When filling acrylic nails, the technician will file off any existing color on the nails and remove any lifting. They’ll then inspect the natural nail for any signs of bacteria or infections. In case of any infections, the nail technicians will advise you to seek treatment.

You’ll get your acrylic nails filled with sealing the growth gap if there are no infections. Then you’ll select your desired nail polish, color, and shape, making you look like you’ve just had a new manicure.

When should I Get a Nail Fill?

Your natural nails will continue to grow underneath acrylics. And sometimes, natural nail growth may look ugly if you don’t get a fill. So, when should you get a nail fill?

We recommend you get your nails filled every few weeks. You need to monitor your natural nail growth carefully.

If your natural nails grow fast, ensure you visit a salon at the two-week mark for your regular fill. And if you’re ‘lucky’ to have slow-growing natural nails, getting a refill at the three-week mark would be safe.

Pro-Tip: Always get a nail fill within a professional setting. While DIYs may be cheaper, they may not be as safe as having a professional do your nails.

Do I Really Need a Nail Fill?

While most people want a nail color change, they may not like the process. After all, visiting a nail salon every few weeks can get tiring. And we often hear people ask, do I really need a nail fill?

Well, the simple answer? ‘Yes,’ you really need a nail fill unless you’re ready to deal with tacky, untidy, and sickly nails. As your natural nails underneath the fake nails grow, lifting begins to happen. And trust me, lifted nails look ugly and unkempt- a look you’d rather not be associated with.

Besides the unkempt look, acrylic lifts can allow water to seep underneath. The moist and warm environment is excellent for bacterial and fungal growth.

The result? You’ll have nail infections within no time. And we all know how long and tedious treating nail infections can get. So, it’s better to be safe by getting a nail fill regularly than sorry.

You also need to get your nails filled to avoid cracked and broken nails. Allowing your nails to grow out too much without a nail fill reduces their strength. If you hit or hurt the nail in any way when it’s grown out, cracks can appear in your nail plate.

Worse still, it could pop off. And to avoid such embarrassments, you’d better get your nails filled regularly.

Can I Change Color when Getting my Nails Filled? 

And now to the most commonly asked question; when you fill your nails, can you change the color? Whether you can change color when getting nails filled depends on the acryl used.

You can easily change the nail color if the nail technician had initially used clear acrylic. During acrylic application, the nail technician adds two layers to your natural nails.

The first layer, usually the base, is the acryl itself. The second layer is now what you’ll most likely select; the color of the design, like nail polish colors such as red, nude, etc.

If the acryl is clear, it’ll be possible to change color when filling nails, irrespective of the second layer. The technician will file off the second layer, fill the growth gap and apply a new regular polish or gel color. And your manicure will look as good as new.

Now let’s look at it when you get your nails filled, can you change the color of the acrylic powder (the base) is not clear? Imagine having a glittery or dark base and then painting a color, let’s say red gel color, on top of it.

It would be rough, untidy, and unprofessional. So, if you had these bases, you can’t change the color. You’ll be forced to get a new set.

Pro-Tip: Always insist on getting a clear acryl as your base. Although glittery and dark acryl is uncommon in most nail salons, always be on the lookout and avoid them if you want a color change later.

How to Change Color when Getting your Nails Filled 

Changing your nails’ color during a nail fill can seem time-consuming and intimidating. But only if you haven’t gone through it. It’s a pretty straightforward process, and you have nothing to worry about or be skeptical about. So, how does the manicurist go about it?

The technician will begin by nail filing to a more basic manicure. Only the acryl base is left, and you won’t have any regular nail polish or gel color on your nails.

And this is great because you change your nails’ entire design. The basic manicure will also allow the technician to better study nail health and growth gaps.

After the technician gives your nails a clean bill of health, they’ll get your nails filled. While at it, they may ask about any desired design and shape changes. And they’ll add acrylic fill according to your specifications if you choose to have any changes.

Once the acrylic fill dries, your nails can be filed to fit specific shapes and designs. The technician will apply a new nail polish color to the newly filled nails.

Now what’s left is allowing your newly filled nails to dry, and you can show off your beautiful manicure.

Will it Cost more to Get Different Colored Nails? 

Recently, there’s been a nail trend where people want different colors or designs on a few nails. We admit, it looks gorgeous. And also allows nail techs to showcase their creativity. Those who decide to jump into this trend often ask, will it cost more to get different colored nails?

Well, it depends on these two factors. First, the type of color change can cause a price difference. If you want to change from regular nail polish to gel polish or shellac, it will cost you more. And if you’re switching from shellac to regular nail polish, it’ll cost less.

Secondly, the number of colors you choose can influence the cost. You’ll have to pay more if you don’t want the same color on each nail. But why? Your manicurist will take more time on each nail, and you’ll have used more products than when you only select a single color.

So, the color change and the number of colors you choose on your nails will influence the cost.  

Despite having said that, remember that nail salons have different policies. So, always request information on getting different colored nails before patronizing a nail salon. That way, you’ll be able to make a more informed choice.

Can I Change the Nail Shape when Getting Nails Filled? 

It can be boring to wait until a new set to get a nail shape change. Especially if you got a long-lasting manicure such as dip nails. Imagine staying with stilettos for several months before you get a new set. Involuntarily? It could ruin your relationship with manicures.

And most clients who feel this will often ask whether it’s possible to have a nail shape change during their nail fills. Some relieving news?

Yes, it’s possible to change nail shape when filling your nails. If your nails are healthy, the manicurist will agree to this request. Unfortunately, if you have unhealthy nails, you’ll need to seek treatment before returning to the acrylic game.

But how will the nail artist go about changing the nail’s shape? The nail tech will file down the nails during your regular nail fill. They’ll then get your nails filled and allow the acrylic fill to dry.

Depending on your preferences, the nail tech can add more acrylic fill if making acrylics longer or file down the nail if making acrylic nails shorter. 

After the acrylic fill dries up, the manicurist files off the edges. Later, the entire nail is filed into a new shape.

Can I make Acrylic Nails Longer During Fills? 

Yes, you can make acrylic nails longer when you get your nails filled. And if you’ve visited a professional nail tech, this will be a walk in the park.

After your request, the nail tech will start by filing off any traces of the previous manicure. They’ll then remove any lifting and glue a tip or paint acrylic gel to the end of your fake nail.

Most professionals will use a nail form as a guide before applying the acrylic gel. Lastly, the acrylic gel will be applied over the top. The result? You’ll have longer nails in between fills!

Can I make Acrylic Nails Shorter During Fills?

We all change our minds-especially when it comes to nails. So, it’s okay to have loved your stiletto nails when you got that new manicure but hate them two weeks later. And that doesn’t make you an unsettled and indecisive person. It only reveals you are human.

But what do you do in such a case? Can you make acrylic nails shorter during fills?

Well, YES, you can make acrylic nails shorter during nail filling. You start by removing any existing nail polish with a remover. The nail tech can then file down any remaining traces of polish.

The nail tech will then proceed to fill in growth gaps. Lastly, they’ll file down the nails to your desired length and shape. And you’ll end up with shorter acrylic nails. 


We hope you understand more about changing the color when filling your nails. As long as your nails are healthy, you can change the color during infills. And the shapes too! So, every nail fill can make you feel and look like you’ve just got a new manicure.

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